Use Of Atomic Energy Essay

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Atomic Energy Essay

Atomic Energy: Harnessing the Atom
New inventions are created daily; however, it is those that truly change the world that are remembered. The use and discovery of atomic energy negatively impacts the world because of the danger it entails. Many people across the world believe that the use of atomic energy is a mistake based off of past events that have occurred such as the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The abuse of atomic energy has been proven to damage society’s morale, population and could potentially destroy entire populations.
Scientists from earlier times helped influence the discoveries that lead to the development of atomic energy. In the late 1800’s, Dalton created the Atomic Theory which explains atoms, elements and compounds (Henderson 1). This was important to the study of and understanding of atoms to future scientists. The Atomic Theory was a list of scientific laws regarding atoms and their potential abilities. Roentagen, used Dalton’s findings and discovered x-rays which could pass through solid objects (Henderson 1). Although he did not discover radiation from the x-rays, he did help lay the foundations for electromagnetic waves. Shortly after Roentagen’s findings, J.J. Thompson discovered the electron which was responsible for defining the atom’s characteristics (Henderson 2). The electron helped scientists uncover why an atom responds to reactions the way it does and how it received its “personality”. Dalton’s, Roentagen’s and Thompson’s findings helped guide other scientists to discovering the uses of atomic energy and reactions. Such applications were discovered in the early 1900’s by using Einstein’s equation, which stated that if a chain reaction occurred, cheap, reliable energy could be produced (Henderson 4). This would occur by using fission, the process by which atoms are forced together and create energy as a product. “When anxious physicists approached Albert Einstein, he wrote to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, warning him of the destructive potential of nuclear energy” (Henderson 5). Roosevelt did not realize the possible danger that could occur. Scientists began working on a reactor that would create a self sustaining fission reaction (Henderson 5). The reaction will occur when two atoms are forced together and give off electrons and energy. This breakthrough was the start of an atomic revolution.
The plan to build an atomic bomb, was introduced by Roosevelt, and called the Manhattan Project. Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, an upcoming scientist, was a main force of the Manhattan Project. At a top secret Uranium conference, Oppenheimer successfully calculated the amount of Uranium isotope needed to create an atomic bomb (Scherer and Fletcher 52). This information was key to the creation of an atomic bomb. Oppenheimer committed himself to doing “all that he could to help build the atomic bomb” (Scherer and Fletcher 52). It was his dedication, along with several other scientists, that led to...

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With no doubt the Atomic energy was being introduced to create mass destruction as Unite States did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. After this incident none of the state ever tried to use the atomic energy for the purpose of causing destruction and war purpose. Another reason for not using the atomic energy anymore in the wars and against enemies is because many countries are atomic power nowadays and using this against anybody can be self destruction as they can do the same against the initiator. The demand of the modern world is to make peaceful uses of the atomic energy so that the world can become a peaceful place to live and should make use of this high extensive energy source.

The greatest advantage which can derive from the atomic energy is that it can replace the conventional energy sources of the country which includes coal, gas and petroleum. These resources are getting endangered of being finished and are expected not to last for long so in such conditions Atomic energy can be the most vital and productive source of generating energy which can be used for the power generation, and other processes to be conducted which will ultimately improve the economic condition of the respective state.

Atomic energy can be used in a peaceful manner for cutting the passages for the flow of water in the rocky regions and large and huge rocks, it can also be used to divert and change the direction of the courses of the river and at the same time can be used as the fuel for the driving of mighty big ships and even the submarines in the water. Another very significant and crucial benefit of the Atomic power can be as it can be used as pesticides and to protect the agriculture and crops of the farmers from harmful and disastrous insects which destroys the yield. It is a very innovative and new way of protecting the crop as by this method the insects are not being killed but are being disinfected and sterilized. Radio isotopes which are the byproduct of the nuclear fission process can be used for this purpose in the fields. Radio Isotopes has another very important function which is that they can be used to preserve different kinds of food items for very long time without making it injurious to health.

There are so many more peaceful uses of Atomic energy and if the human focuses on using it peacefully rather than for destruction, than atomic power can ensure the human and mankind a better and improved life with the stability in the economy and more convenient and pleasure in the life style of living.

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