Narrative Essay About Learning Something New

Narrative Essay - Learning About Myself

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Learning About Myself


      It was a hot, sunny day in the middle of July.  The noontime air

was warm and steamy.  I was tan and happy.  My dad, my two sisters and I

were driving through Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, in Maine.

We stopped and parked at the foot of a mountain.  The infamous Bubble Rock

rested at its peak.  While reading the posted sign we learned how Bubble

Rock was formed by glaciers.  This rock hung over the edge of the steep

mountain.  Although the rock was quite stable, it looked like it would snap

off at any moment.  I looked up and realized how much I wished I was

standing up on top of it.  I decided to check out the trail that led into

the woods.


        "I'll be back after I climb the mountain," I yelled as I walked

into the woods.  I didn't really plan on climbing the mountain.  My family

thought I was joking when I said that I was going to do it.  Maybe I was.

I still do not know.  Something about myself that I have learned is that

sometimes you do not know what to expect of me.  I like to be spontaneous,

and I like a lot of excitement.  My family can never tell what I am going

to do.  That afternoon they might have been wondering exactly what they

should expect.


      I did not want to go to the top of the mountain.  It would take a

long time, and we wanted to go shopping and head back to our cabin before

it got too late.  I walked into the woods and soon I was beside a lake

totally enveloped in fog.  I was facing a rock wall.  The blue dots on the

wall indicated that the trail went straight up.  Wonderful memories rushed

into my head from from other rock climbing adventures.  I have always loved

the rush I get from heights.  I love the feeling I get when I have

accomplished something that has challenged me, the feeling I get when I

know a wrong move could be dangerous.  With these memories in my head I

began climbing, and before I knew I was well on my way.

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  I was looking down

and smiling.  The air got thinner, and the cracks between the rocks got

bigger and bigger.  Any fall I took would have been fatal.  I was happy and

enjoying every second.  Although I was hot and sweaty from my strenuous

climb, the air began to get cold, unlike the hot weather I had left below.


      Within the next two hours I made it to the top, driven by

adrenaline.  With a final burst of energy, I was there.  Standing out on

Bubble Rock was an intense feeling.  I stood there trying to catch my

breath, the cool wind swirling around me.  My head was in the clouds.

There was nothing below me, only the swirling gusts of wind.  I forgot how

hot and tired I was.  I was in a daze.  It was calming and exhilarating all

at once.  I might as well have been flying.  I stood there for a long time

before I came back to reality.


        The time had flown by.  I finally felt my exhaustion from the climb

up. For the first time I thought about my family down below.  I expected

them to be very mad at me.  I had been gone for a long time and I had

delayed our trip.  I might have ruined our plans.


        Climbing down seemed to take forever, although I know it only took

about half of the time it took me to climb up.  It is not fun at all when

every step takes you closer to the ground.  When I got back out of the

woods, I found my family- very worried and panicking.  They thought I had

gotten hurt.  I have never seen my family so upset.  They didn't expect me

to climb that mountain.  I did not expect myself to climb it either, but I

did.  As we drove away in silence, I began to feel guilty.  I realized how

much they cared about me.  I could not believe what I had put them through.

They were down below worrying and I did not even think about them once.


      That day I learned a lot about myself.  When I get that rush from

an adventure, nothing else, not even fear crosses my mind.  I realized that

just because I am having the time of my life does not mean I am not

affecting anyone else.  Since that incident last summer, I have tried to be

more sensitive to others.  I still often get carried away when I am having

fun.  Now I realize that sometimes I need to settle down.

Personal Narrative: Learning From My Mistakes Essay

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There is a point in everyone’s life when they step back and realize “I can’t do this anymore, it’s ruining my life”. Many of my friends have started smoking cigarettes while drinking at a very young age, and continue to use this drug currently and don’t realize the affect it has on their future. While I have been smart enough to avoid smoking, I haven’t been as wise at making decisions when it comes to drinking. The amount of partying I’ve done in college has taken over my life, and has had a huge impact on my grades. Changing my drinking habits and continuing to avoid cigarettes will enable me to be the best I can be for the rest of my college experience.
Eighth grade was the first time I saw my friends smoke at a party, and at first I…show more content…

The reason that alcohol is linked to the initiation of an addiction to cigarettes is because these drugs are linked during a person’s mid-teen years. Studies have called them “gateway” because the use of one leads to the use of the other. Gateway drugs are also linked to the use of other drugs such as marijuana (DeNeui & Rothenberger, 2009, lesson 10/slide 18). If I would have started only smoking while drinking, I’m positive it would have quickly turned into an addiction because of how frequently I drink. Finally, I can understand why my friend’s started their addictions by drinking and I’m especially glad that I hadn’t done the same.
Alcohol has gone from being an occasional drink, to having a spot next to school on my list of weekly priorities. I started to notice towards the end of high school that my drinking habits were pretty out of control, and I knew that college life would only make it worse. I thought of partying as a good thing and I didn’t realize that if I continued to keep drinking as much as I had been, all of my goals for college would never be possible. My expectation for myself in college was to join as may clubs as possible, make many new friends, and study hard so I could have a spot on the Dean’s list. Instead I started college off on a bad foot, making friends only to party with and getting drunk every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

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