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uality ts

#e )an noti)e t&at t&e 'rodu)tion )o%t 'er 'ound i% &i&e%t in Ja'an bran)&. =&i% may be be)au%eo eten%i>e &i& te)&noloy t&ey u%e and t&e lab% u%ed or te%tin. +a'a)ity utiliation or eneuela 'lant i% t&e &i&e%t (?1@!. =&i% &a% a %mall )a'a)ity and t&ey are 'rodu)in >ery lare;uantity o Relea%e3ea%e. Sin)e an e)onomy o %)ale i% not im'lemented &ere t&e 'rodu)tion )o%t i% al%o &i& )om'ared to ot&er 'lant%. Moreo>er old e;ui'ment may need to be u'dated to et )urrent te)&noloy and %a>e )o%t. or t&e 9ary 'lant t&e utiliation i% ood (75@! but a% t&ey are i>in many >arietie% and &a>e dierent 'a)kain %ie% t&eir )o%t &a>e one u'. =&eir main ad>antae i% t&e %ta &i)& i% loyal. -t rankurt t&ey &a>e )om'uter% and de'loy to kind% o  'ro)e%%e%. n +anada a %inle 'a)kain %tandard o 50 k i% olloed but t&ey i>e &i& im'ortan)e to ;uality.*2. #&y a% %ome 'lant% Abetter 'erorman)e t&an ot&er%CSome 'lant% are 'erormin better t&an ot&er% due to t&e olloin rea%on%1.

People employe$ for R%&:

 -% %&on in e&ibit%, 9ary 'lant &a% &i&e%t number o 'eo'le orkin or t&e de>elo'ment. =&i% ae)t% t&e ei)ien)y and inno>ation in 'lant%.2.

Reg'lations of the host co'ntries

: n Ja'an 'lant, t&ey &a>e to maintain &i& number o em'loyee% a% demanded by t&e la.8.

('m)er of pro$'ct lines

: 9ary 'lant &a% 20 'rodu)t line% a'art rom 'rodu)in Relea%e34a%eand rankurt &a% 18 'rodu)t%. =&i% may in)rea%e 'erorman)e o a 'lant a% %&arin o re%our)e% may be t&ere and t&u% e)onomie% o %)ale may be im'lemented..


 Some 'lant% like in +anada are ;uality )on%)iou% and &en)e t&eir inal 'rodu)t% ill al%o be o better ;uality due to t&i%.5.

S+ille$ ,a)or

: n Mei)o and +anada t&e

e$'cation le-el

 o em'loyee% i% lo &i)& may ae)t t&e 'rodu)ti>ity o em'loyee%. Some 'lant% u%e trainin al%o to in)rea%e


 and ei)ien)y o t&e %ta./.

ariety in pac+aging:

 9ary 'lant u%e $0 dierent 'a)kain %tyle% &ile ot&er% u%e a %tandard o 50 k 'a)kin. =&i% in)rea%ed >ariety in)rea%e )o%t but may attra)t )u%tomer%.=o 'lant%: 9ary and Ja'an are 'erormin better t&an ot&er% due to t&e abo>e li%ted a)tor%. Doe>er t&ey &a>e %ome ot&er ad>antae% al%o.39ary 'lant a% u%ed to manua)ture t&e 'rototy'e %am'le% or )u%tomer%. So, it need% to  'ut etra eort% in REF a)ilitie% and t&u% %'ent G0.?7H&undred 'ound% (%e)ond &i&e%t! o Relea%e34a%e. t al%o &a% &i&e%t number o 'eo'le orkin or de>elo'ment. 3Fue to la o Ja'an, Sun)&em em'loy% a lare number o 'eo'le. =&ey al%o u%e ad>an)ed te)&noloy it& dierent te%tin lab%.Ot&er a)tor t&at may &a>e )reated dieren)e in t&e 'erormin le>el may be t&e ae% i>en to t&e em'loyee%. =&i% may be a im'ortant a)tor a% t&e ae% 'ro>e to be a moti>ation a)tor or


Introduction to the Chosen Organizations

Airbus and Boeing form two sides of the modern airline economic landscape. +ne represents the nited (tates, while Airbus is from the European nion. These two have been in competition in the aviation industry for more than a decade now. This paper focuses on the dream pro!ect of  both the companies" Boeing 787 Dreamliner and A8# Airbus. Ta$ing the case of these two aircrafts, this case study tries to understand what went wrong with the Dreamliner to unseat it from its top position in the aviation industry.+peration management is essential for the success of any pro!ect" be it a simple pro!ect or the complicated pro!ect of development of the aircraft. This case study starts with the aspects of operation management as the root cause of the failure of the Boeings Dreamliner. +peration management, in simple words, is the process through which the management of the process that converts input to output ta$es place. *t is a systematic approach which ta$es into account different issues faced by the organi%ations. The basic idea behind the whole process of operation management is to lower the cost to the minimum value while earning the ma-imum profit from asystem /ahadevan, 0#1#2. This paper studies the operation management system followed for the development of Airbus 38# and 787 and tries to understand the reason why Boeing 787 is losing share to its competitor. The last section of the paper will further suggest the methods through which Boeing 787 can control the different &uality and schedule related issue it is facing in the development of the Dreamliner.

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