Why Jose Rizal Is Our National Hero Essays

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What can I learn from Rizal plants and Hagiographas?

A Rizal works or capable is designed to familiarise the pupil with Rizal’s function in the development of the Philippines advancement. It includes the schooling of Rizal here and in abroad. his travels in different states. and his household play down how he will go a national hero.

I learned from him that the clip is really of import because. for Rizal he ne’er wasted his clip to those unimportant things and that is right. He wrote different poetry’s which are reflected on what things he experienced. feelings that he wanted to compose every clip he had a free clip. He is really dedicated in his survey he took a batch of topics. classs. and doctrines that can do him a brilliant Filipino citizen. In his school life he tried his really best to go an emperor in the category which means the individual who had a highest classs in the category. His plants and Hagiographas can give lessons to us it shows that all Filipino people are non an imbecile like what other citizens called to us. It’s an award for me that Jose Rizal fights our freedom and our right being a Filipino. His plants and Hagiographas are ways to develop our nationality in conformity with jurisprudence as exerting the field of larning. His ever positive in life whatever go on he considered this merely a challenge from God. and he faces it for his household. I learned that if you wish to accomplish your ends in life merely focal point. trust yourself. and be like Rizal who’s ever took reading. authorship and did a batch of good things in order to be a better adult male and utile citizens.

What traits of Rizal are hard to originate and how will I be able to copy them?

Journalist – Rizal is an authorised of many articles in Spanish. English and London.
I will be able to copy this. I think I need to read more books. take a lesson in English. Spanish and London linguistic communications. I will put my clip on a regular basis in reading and composing so I can exert my accomplishments and practising it in a good mode. I will non travel to kip early and lessen my free clip. I will acquire a topic about this class and set attending on it. I’ll besides put
a batch of attempts to carry through what Rizal’s achieved and analyze hard every bit good.

Traveler – he travelled around the universe three times.
We all know that in every travel we make it involves money. so how can we go if we don’t have adequate money for that. For me. I will be able to work until I earn more money’s to be able to travel in different states.

Sociologist – in Rizal’s survey of Philippines societal jobs. he ever encouraged and introduced solutions.
It is hard to copy because. it’s a difficult thing for me to pass on or mix with others. I’m really diffident and uncomfortableness to the people around me. I will be able to copy this traits of Rizal by confronting my frights in life. to be familiarize in everything. avoid being nescient and be competitory individual’s.

What can I lend to the transmutation of the Philippines?

In Politics– I will vote people who are non corrupt and I know that the individual I vote have faith to God. so he /she can decline themselves to make bad things in our state. I will propose to the president of the Philippines that don’t put an freedom or consideration in all politicians and itself that if one of them made incorrect or offense in jurisprudence. he/she may dispatch in political relations and it must confront his/her duty and to pay what he did. If I’m giving a opportunity to do a jurisprudence. I will do Free Schooling Law which can assist to all people to hold instruction and all of us will be holding a occupation. so we can manage our household good by that no 1 can see poorness.

In Social Economic – if I have concern. I will pay right revenue enhancements so I may non see myself as revenue enhancement evader because. this is one of the large jobs in our state. I purposively promote some Filipino people in enterpriser accomplishments activity. so they can do ain concern to supply their mundane demands. On this they may avoid hold-upping. snatching. smuggling. drug trafficking and other unethical making which is non good in one state. I merely buy merchandises which is Filipino made to give them a pleasance and to turn our economic rate to go a progressive state.

In Religion – go toing mass every hebdomad. esteem all people specially the seniors. Love your household as what you love yourself. aid people who are in demand help them as you can. portion your approvals because the more you give the more approvals you can acquire from God.

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During the Spanish regime, we can say that only few Filipinos have the capability or have the courage to fight the perpetrators. Among this few brave men, why Rizal stood out and became our national hero although they have done the same thing for the country – to free us from the Spaniards.

Before we compare Rizal from other heroes, let us first look at his background. As we all know, Rizal came from a middle class family and if they will be compared to other Filipinos, we can say that they are wealthy. They rent a land in Calamba, Laguna by which they get their money for their expenses including the money for Rizal’s education. He studied in various schools in Manila like Ateneo and Letran. Not only that, he also pursue his study abroad especially in Spain. During his stay in various places like Germany, France, Belgium and etc. he met many scholars and friends who helped him pay the fee for printing his know famous novels, the Noli me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo. These two books are important during the first revolution in Asia because it is the eye opener for the Filipinos that this is now the right time to fight for their independence.

The books of Jose Rizal showed the real situation of the Philippines during the time of the Spaniards. This is also related to what happened in Calamba where their land and properties where forcefully taken by the Spanish authority along with other Filipino families. This also represents the struggle of the nation against the abuse of the colonizer.

Even though death awaited him if he will return to the Philippines, still he chose to go back to the Philippines because the real battle was in his homeland not in the Spain. He was exiled to Dapitan where he experienced one of the colorful chapters of his life. It is a good example that there is hope for every small town in the country. He taught children and still manages to identify species of different newly discovered organisms.

To sum it all up, Rizal is different from other Filipino heroes because he fought in a different manner. He left a legacy, his writings and especially the two books, and he fought with his pen. He chose to return to his motherland rather than to be safe in Spain or in other country maybe because he wanted to share the pain his country have. Even the Katipuneros wanted to save him from execution but he refuse. The fact that he accepted death without hesitation, for me this showed how he really wanted to open the eyes of every Filipino that we should fight for our freedom. If his death is the key to spark the flame, he did it for us.

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