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I feel overwhelmed with homework?

I'm in 10th grade, 4 advanced classed, and we get so much homework! I get home from school at 3 o'clock, then started my homework at 3:30 yet i'm still working on it. I have this big report due tomorrow for AP english but i'm never going to get time to finish it. And I have to read 6 chapters in the... show more I'm in 10th grade, 4 advanced classed, and we get so much homework! I get home from school at 3 o'clock, then started my homework at 3:30 yet i'm still working on it. I have this big report due tomorrow for AP english but i'm never going to get time to finish it. And I have to read 6 chapters in the book we were given for AP english as well, all before tomorrow 1st period. I would have been working on these things a few days ago, but I've had so much other work! I never get a break to just relax nowadays, except for weekends, but on the weekends I usually have homework still. What am I supposed to do? I feel like I'm about to cry from being so stressed out.

Update: Well, AP english is offered to grades 10-12 here..
and Lyndsey, I'm not procrastinating. I was on Y!A looking for other questions people asked about the book i'm reading. and I found my them & an answer. anyways, stfu please.


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Best Answer:  Well, now I've been mentioned, I feel I must say something...

I was just going to wait and see if this person chose a best answer or procrastinated, truly, and left it to the vote of others.

The people here have said a bit of what I'm going to say, but there's more to it, so...

I'll explain... Without going into Neurology or BioPharmacology, which is pretty heavy for someone studying Classics, Maths, Basic Science and US Current Events...
Sounds like an high-school student, GCSE or A level, to me.
I think A Doctorate level explanation will be a bit overwhelming.

Mizzy T's provided you with the Neuro / BioPharm info of procrastination, as understood by Americans.

The English have another idea about the whole thing - we call it being a Lazy Sod.
Or Bone Idleness.

Not that you're either - I think you're this:

Or hating homework that you're not interested in cos it's BORING & I'M TIRED!

Which is, I think, your case...

Have you ever hear of the Procrastinator's support groups?

They're always put off til tomorrow... )

Isn't the Odyssey a lovely story?
Maybe you don't like it. I think it's quite interesting...

Who at school likes Maths? Except for the ones who get it straight away?

At school, I wasn't so good - but I passed because they didn't want me to fail, knowing I was capable BUT A PROCRASTINATOR AND BORED AND TIRED!...

Building a Science Project sounds like fun - I used to always make explosives & chemical reactions that resulted lots of mess & teachers getting angry.
I loved Science at school...

As for Current events - They're not really useful to you right now, are they? But they will be one day.
Current events for you are Procrastination & not getting your homework done.

The Presidential Debate?
From what I hear, there isn't one - there are posters of Obama, smiling & waving, outside Number 10 Downing St. everywhere here in London.
Most have been graffiti'd with the #10 to say 10U 4 the War...
(A little bit of info for ya)

Here's some help for you that will ensure you can get over all of this and stop procrastinating & getting stressed - that is if you get over the procrastinating, read this answer & actually do it!

The Exhaustion first...
Tired a lot, hmm?

Sounds like you're either out too late with your mates (possibly doing things that don't help your brain - "There's a time and place for everthin' children and that's College!" says Chef. In my experience, it's whenever you do it and decide you want to stop. And you will be tempted and you will want to stop...), not getting enough sleep, being dragged out of bed or have a bad diet.

Fixes for this mean a routine (as do all of the fixes, I'm afraid) - and with a GOOD routine comes rewards and satisfaction. Satisfaction being it's own reward and it's absolutely priceless, I can assure you.

First off, getting out of bed a little earlier - force yourself.
If you're really tired - scratch your scalp and rub your face, get up and start moving to the bathroom & wash.
That'll wake you up enough to get dressed and go and get some breakfast (for which you'll have plenty of time, since you got up a bit earlier than normal...).

Maybe a cup of tea - try to avoid coffee...
It's not good for you. There's a myth that tea contains more caffeine than coffee. That's weight for weight...

A cup of tea will warm you when cold, cool you when hot, calm you when anxious and wake you when tired.

So - you've got up early and had breakfast...
That's the first part of your routine:
A wake up & a good breakfast.

You know, hot chocolate (low cal if you want) is one of the best drinks you could have? Chocolate based stuff will help with energy & appetite & if it's made with milk and / or is a malty type - it'll help you relax and sleep too...

Don't overdo it though! Too much of a good thing can be bad for you!

Reward yourself for it by staying in bed all day on Sunday (unless you've got something special planned or want to finish off some homework or something...).

Next, you need some kind of Time-Table to organise all this homework - in order of priority.

I always found it best to do the homework on the day it was given, as soon as I got home, after eating, so that I had the rest of the evening to play games & programme my Commodore 64 or go out with my mates & smoke weed.

Not that I'm suggesting you do that. But weed does make you a terrible, lethargic, lazy procrastinator... Try to stay away from it or, if you must take it, only at weekends.
Take that from a guy who has done every drug you can think of and twice as many you can't...

I think you yanks have something called DARE - Try to avoid them too.

"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all..."

That's my stance on drugs, including alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, etc... - someone who can GIVE SOMETHING UP can do something all the others cannot. They have strength of will & are NOT a procrastinator (in the same way... Sometimes I say "meh, I'll just get drunk tomorrow..." every day).

When I grow up, I'm gonna be an ATF Agent and shoot guns, drink Jack Daniels and smoke Marlboro's!

But seriously - "Drugs're bad, mmkay, Mr Mackay?"

By getting yourself into a good Circadian Rhythm - that's a sleeping cycle - by going to bed a bit earlier (read a book or listen to music, going to bed doesn't mean going to sleep - just resting until sleep. I used to do my *ahem* sleeping exercises at this time [whacker], plus the morning, plus the daytime, several times a day...) & getting up a little earlier each day than you are at the moment, eating the right foods at the right times - you'll probably find your energy levels increase somewhat...

Remember to reward yourself (or ask your folks to help you and reward you whenever you stick to your self imposed time-table / routine) so that you have a really good incentive to actually improve your life AND get something cool out of it too!

One thing I found helpful if ever I had too much homework to do in a night AND spend time on doing what *I* wanted to do, was to do some of it at school during breaks or after school. NOT during class at the last minute.
Perhaps start some homework when the recess bell goes so that it's already on the go for when you get home.

Make a dedicated homework area - make it nice and neat and tidy and comfy.
A little den that's only for study and homework.
Play some music that's calming & will help you think better.

Something that doesn't distract.

Trying to solve maths problems to System of a Down is pretty hard.
Solving them to Portishead or Mozart (Mozart being proven to improve a student's performance if they listen to it a lot - google it) or something is MUCH easier...

Since you asked this question, I'd doubt that you're what we'd call a TRUE Procrastinator - someone with a condition.
If you were, you'd never've asked this question, having not got round to it.

It seems more that you just don't like doing your homework...

Which none of us did / do.

But we must if we want to achieve &, atm, achievement's everything right?
Making the grade & the cut - all that...

Just to summarise (cos this is a long answer - sorry if I've bored you to death):

Routine - resting, sleeping and waking at better hours, eating and diet at the right times, reward, repeat. Get help from teachers and parents - make them aware that you are experiencing this problem.
That the homework's bottom of your list of priorities and you have NO enthusiasm about it...

Dedication - Study area, Time-table for homework, Asking for help & / or leniency if you feel you are overloaded.

After explaining the reasons why - be honest... Say you keep procrastinating cos you're tired when you get home, but you're working on that tiredness, & you find it hard to get motivated enough to find the work interesting enough to be enthusiastic about...

These two seemingly simple-sounding things (that will take a bit of effort and possible help from folks & teachers AND getting off your A$$ & doing it.), I can absolutely assure you - as I've helped many other people in your situation - will solve these issues; change your life so much that you will be confident, attractive, smart & funny wherever you go & whatever you do.

You'll be the person that people envy, cos they're cool AND they're smart.

As for athletics - I practice Martial Art.
I'd choose that over ANY other sport or physical hobby. It'll increase your energy levels, concentration, DISCIPLINE and improve your physical appearance and charisma and mental celerity.
Keep it a secret...

Doing all of the above means that you'll have all this:

Respect for yourself: Becoming a better person by preparing yourself NOW for what comes LATER. (Life sometimes gets rough - the skills you learn now will help you deal with them. They also help you appreciate the GOOD times more, too!)

The respect of your parents and teachers & their help cos of your willingness to improve yourself & yr honesty in admitting your problems (to the right people...).

The respect / envy of your peers & fellow students for being the cool & smart person.

And you will get the rewards!
Plus, you'll be happier and less tired and frustrated than you are now.
But that couldn't be too hard, could it?
You sound pretty tired and stressed to me.

You're lucky that you're getting advice from these people...
It's good advice. Some of it, anyway...

As Nike says:
Just Do It.
[insert swoosh & ©]

Source(s): This must be one of the longest answers I've ever written.

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